Arctic-BORT 8.5 m boat


Length: 8.5 m
Width: 2.7 m
Deadweight: 1500 kg
Lifting capacity; 2550 kg
Passenger carrying capacity: 12 persons.

On demand

Production process судов ARCTIC-BORT

Advantages of purchasing this vessel from us

Resistance to corrosion both in fresh and seawater;

Life span is up to 100 years;

Resistant to strong blows against the rocks; suitable for entering any kind of coastline without any damage to the hull;

The absence of roughness ensures perfect gliding on water;

Strength of welded joints;

High resistance to water-jet wear;

High maintainability;

Lightness – weight density is less then aluminum.

Vessel description

Reliable boat Arctic hard broadside has already gained popularity due to its technical characteristics, the possibility to install the cabin and extremely low operating costs. Our boats by contrast with average RIB boats have hard air tubes, filled with polystyrene to provide maximum security. Combined with 21о V-shaped hull, this design makes this construction unsinkable. Arctic-Boat boats are tested in extreme conditions and they showed excellent navigability

Calculating the cost of a boat

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