A boat ARCTIC-BORT 6.8


Length: 6.8 m
Width: 2.5 m
Weight: 1100 kg
Deadweight: 1100 kg
Lifting capacity; 1250 kg
Passenger carrying capacity: 11 чел.

On demand

Production process судов ARCTIC-BORT

Advantages of purchasing this vessel from us

Resistance to corrosion both in fresh and seawater;

Life span is up to 100 years;

Resistant to strong blows against the rocks; suitable for entering any kind of coastline without any damage to the hull;

The absence of roughness ensures perfect gliding on water;

Strength of welded joints;

High resistance to water-jet wear;

High maintainability;

Lightness – weight density is less then aluminum.

Vessel description

A boat 6.8 из ПНД уникальна в том, что она входит в группу габаритных маломерных судов. Она в тоже время,  может быть превращена в катер, так как на ней допустимо установка кабины.

Calculating the cost of a boat

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