A boat ARCTIC-BORT 7.8


Length: 7.8 m
Width: 2.7 m
Weight: 1300 kg
Deadweight: 1300 kg
Lifting capacity; 2250 kg
Passenger carrying capacity: 12 persons.

On demand

Production process судов ARCTIC-BORT

Advantages of purchasing this vessel from us

Resistance to corrosion both in fresh and seawater;

Life span is up to 100 years;

Resistant to strong blows against the rocks; suitable for entering any kind of coastline without any damage to the hull;

The absence of roughness ensures perfect gliding on water;

Strength of welded joints;

High resistance to water-jet wear;

High maintainability;

Lightness – weight density is less then aluminum.

Vessel description

ARCTIC-BORT 7.8 — is one of the most popular among the other boats in our line-up. This boat is popular with diving clubs of Krasnodar Krai and Crimea because of its affordable cost, great navigability and also thanks to all the advantages of HDPE boats in comparison with RIB boats. The same as boat ARCTIC-BORT 6.8 this model can also be super constructed and can be re-equipped into motor boat. This model showed high quality during operation in the ports of Northern Sea Route.

Calculating the cost of a boat

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